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    What devices do you repair?
    We service the most well-known brands of devices. If we do not list your device's brand for any reason, please inquire directly to the store to learn more about service availability.
    How do I prepare for my repair?
    Getting your device ready for repair is relatively easy. Follow these simple steps, and your device will be prepared to be checked in for repair when you arrive.
    - Ensure you have all your data backed up to prevent any data loss during a repair.
    - Remove all accessories from the device and keep them with you. This will expedite checking in your phone when you visit our store.
    - Be alert for any updates regarding your repair. We value transparency and have an efficient notification system that informs you when there is any update for your repair.
    Do you offer a warranty on repairs?
    We offer a limited manufacturer warranty on all parts we use for our repairs. Each device may be different; inquire for more details.
    How long does a repair typically take?
    Most repairs are typically done within a few hours, depending on the queue ahead of you, but some may take longer if we have to custom order parts.
    Is my information protected?
    Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we ensure all your data is protected during and after any repair. We will only deliver internal marketing information if the customer consents.
    Is it safe to leave my device with you?
    We take pride in offering only the best repairs by expert technicians using our high-quality parts that guarantee that any service meets our company standards.